Equipping Kingdom Women to Occupy

Hey there! You’ve just tuned into your favorite show, The
fejoneslive podcast, where we dig into the nitty-gritty of human emotions,
behaviors, and decision-making. Get ready to have your minds blown as your
host, the one and only, Fe Jones, takes you on an insightful journey today.
Don’t jump to conclusions though, we’re not discussing The Hunger Games – it’s
something way closer to home. We’re unraveling the complex and intriguing topic
of how appetite, and no, not just the one for food, affects our decisions.

Ever felt a yearning so strong, you thought you might just
give in? Ever been in a situation where your cravings took the better of you?
We’ve all been there, and some of us might still be in that space, unaware of
the battle we’re fighting. Today, we’re going to delve into how unchecked
desires and cravings can potentially put our values, our character, and even
our future plans in jeopardy.

So, if you’ve ever wrestled with these invisible appetites,
or if you’re just starting to realize that you might be, then buckle up! We’re
about to take a deep dive into understanding how these hidden forces shape our
decisions and ultimately, our lives. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride of
emotions, self-realizations and breakthroughs, only on The fejoneslive podcast.

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