Equipping Kingdom Women to Occupy

Life is full of challenges, and it’s easy to get caught up in the obstacles we face. But focusing on these obstacles means losing sight of God’s purpose for our lives. Our faith calls us to look beyond our struggles and trust in God’s greater plan.

When we fixate on our problems, we magnify them. This can lead to anxiety, fear, and a feeling of hopelessness. In Matthew 14:28-31, Peter walks on water towards Jesus, but he begins to sink when he shifts his focus to the storm around him. This story reminds us that looking at our challenges instead of Jesus can cause us to lose faith and direction.

God promises that all things work together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). This means every obstacle we face is part of His divine plan. By focusing on God’s purpose, we can find peace and strength in the midst of our trials. Instead of seeing obstacles as barriers, we can view them as opportunities for growth and trust in God’s provision.

Practical Steps to Stay Focused on God’s Purpose

  1. Prayer and Reflection: Spend time in prayer, asking God to reveal His purpose in your current situation. Reflect on His promises and trust that He is working for your good.
  2. Scripture Reading: Immerse yourself in God’s Word. Scriptures like Jeremiah 29:11 remind us that God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, giving us hope and a future.
  3. Gratitude: Practice gratitude by focusing on the blessings in your life. This shift in perspective can help you see God’s hand at work, even in difficult times.
  4. Community Support: Surround yourself with a faith-filled community. Share your struggles and allow others to encourage you and point you back to God’s purpose.

As you journey through life, remember to keep your eyes on God’s purpose rather than the obstacles. Share this message with someone you love and care about, and let’s support each other in focusing on God’s greater plan.

If you’re ready to shift your focus and align your life with God’s purpose, visit FeJonesLive.com and schedule an exploration session. Let’s discuss your goals and see if my coaching program is the right fit for you. Together, we can work towards becoming the women God has called us to be, empowered by His truth and grace.

Don’t let obstacles distract you from your divine calling. Keep your eyes on Jesus, trust in His purpose, and watch as He transforms your life.

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