Equipping Kingdom Women to Occupy

Let’s demystify social media marketing for a moment. There’s a common misconception that you must be super talented, highly skilled, or have the latest technology to succeed. But the truth is refreshingly simple: you only need to show up. Your tribe, the people meant to resonate with your voice and what you have to offer, will find you. They’ll follow you, share your content, and support your products, no matter what.

It’s all good, especially if you’re sharing your journey and not starting as an expert or social media guru. Have you ever watched those videos, even on YouTube, where you see folks who might be fumbling with their phone, the lighting isn’t perfect, and some shots are shaky? They’re just there, saying, “Hey, let me show you how to make my grandma’s chicken noodle soup.” Yet, despite the lack of Hollywood-level production quality, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of comments expressing gratitude. People say, “Thank you so much! I’ve been searching for a video like this. It taught me something valuable.” And guess what? That video has a whopping 1 million views.

It wasn’t about fancy technology or attractiveness. It was about the value it brought, the problems it solved, and the knowledge it shared. That’s the mindset shift we need. We need to show up to solve a problem. Identify the problem you solve the people you’re meant to help, and then get on every platform possible to deliver that message. Because here’s the thing: posting on social media once a week or once every couple of months won’t cut it. Complaining about your business not growing or people not finding you won’t change anything. In the fast-paced world of social media, thousands of others drowned out your last week’s post in minutes. You need to increase the odds of being seen, which comes with frequency—posting more frequently increases your visibility.

You might wonder how I managed to do it, posting multiple times daily on some platforms. Well, that’s where technology and leverage come in. Some tools help me maintain an online presence even when I’m catching some Z’s. In upcoming courses and group coaching sessions, I’ll help you conquer your fear of technology and show you how to harness its power. And, by the way, AI is not the scary monster some make it out to be.

If there’s one thing to take away from today’s post, it’s this: show up every day, which means one word—consistency.

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