Equipping Kingdom Women to Occupy

I was contemplating what to share with you today. I had many topics crossed my mind. Everything from spirituality to tips and steps to help you with your mental health. Here’s the thing, though. One thing stood out as I pondered deeper into the many topics I wanted to discuss. The power of rocking the boat.

So many contact me daily with timidity and fear of offending people. Look, while we don’t go living life looking to pick a fight or make enemies, you must understand that owning who God made you be and walking in the purpose for why you were created is going to be offensive to those who choose to simmer ton the warm waters of complacency. 

Your mere existence rocked the boat. It shook hell to its core. So, why not live loudly for who God made you to be?

Dare to be bold

Dare to say no

Dare to be different

Dare to challenge the status quo

Dare to speak up

Dare to go on a different path

What will it take to let the person you were created by God to be shine light into this dark world? You do no good blending in. To make a change, you will have to stand out.  And to do that, you’ll have to ask yourself some very honest questions. Are you truly living the life you portray publicly, or are you portraying an image of yourself in order to get followers and likes? Because at the end of the day, if you’re showing inauthentic in any area of your life, you choose to dim your God-given light. You are choosing to live below the capacity God gave you. Your power is not in pleasing the masses. Your power is in pleasing the God who created you. 

When we choose to abstain from fulfilling what we know we’re meant to do,not to rock the boat, we are saying no to God and yes to the worship of people and their opinions.  How do you think that will go? It may work well for ratings, yee tanks in eternity.  I know my words are rather bold today. And I make no apology for them. I want you to understand you’re called for something greater than what you have chosen to live by.


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