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The trickiest part of leadership, whether at work or home, is keeping calm when things get under our skin. Often, we react harshly, only to end up apologizing later. I want us to pause and think about this. No, we’re not perfect, and we’ll slip up sometimes – we’re human. But making a habit of acting first and apologizing later? That’s a no-go.

When we habitually lash out, what we say isn’t just frustration or disappointment. We tell that person, “I don’t respect or value you enough to treat you with dignity.” This is huge because it goes against the golden rule we know so well: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Think about it. How does it feel when someone lets you have it, no holds barred? Are you receptive to their apology later? It often leaves a sour taste and might even change how you see them and your respect for them. It can shift the whole dynamic of your relationship.

We’ve got to be mindful of our actions. Will our words educate and uplift, or will they tear down? Will they be a weapon or a tool for building up?

I had to learn this the hard way. I used to be pretty sharp-tongued, but life taught me that words have power. They can empower and bring out the best in people, not just the worst. It’s easier to criticize than inspire, but we aim higher.

As we wrap up this year and step into 2024, let’s use our words to build, not destroy. You might think, “I just give back what I get.” But consider what that’s brought you. Are you happier, more fulfilled, achieving your goals? Or are you just mirroring the instability and frustration of others?

Observing human behavior has shown me that those who match the energy of others often lose their way. But those who stay true to themselves, who make intentional choices to be their best selves every day, they’re the ones who find fulfillment and peace, no matter what life throws at them. That’s our goal. Let’s be those people.

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