Equipping Kingdom Women to Occupy

For many of us building businesses, whether seasoned or just starting, it’s easy to get tunnel-visioned on income and growth. Sure, these are crucial – no income, no business, right? But here’s the thing: we often overlook our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. And that’s where things start to crumble. Achieving success is great, but what’s the point if it leaves you empty and joyless? It’s like what my mentor used to say: becoming a “rich miserable bastard.”

So, how do we fix this? First off, our relationships need to be healthy. No room for toxic dynamics. If things are off-kilter, it’s time for those tough, honest talks to bring back balance. Then, there’s setting boundaries with others and ourselves, ensuring we’re present for our loved ones.

Our spiritual life matters, too. We’re made to serve a higher purpose; without that, what’s our anchor? And let’s not forget our mental and emotional health, especially if we’ve faced trauma. Trauma unchecked leads to destructive coping mechanisms, altering our life’s perspective and responses.

The key to carrying your dreams and ambitions is a holistic approach – mind, body, soul, and spirit. Neglect one, and the rest suffer. Like a domino effect, ignoring our health while building a business can lead to burnout, forcing us to give up our dreams.

I learned this the hard way. Ten years ago, I built my dream business from scratch. But in my relentless pursuit of growth, I neglected my health, almost to a breaking point. I had to shut down everything to prioritize my well-being.

This time, it’s different. I’ve learned to rest, to listen to my body, and to be productive without overextending. I want to share these skills with you – to achieve more in less time, using technology effectively. Because it’s not about being busy; it’s about being effective. I want time for rest, family, and personal pursuits.

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have an endgame. We thrive on the grind of creating value from mere ideas. But we have a choice: stay tunnel-visioned or embrace a holistic view of life. Work-life balance isn’t a lopsided scale; it’s about living in a way that brings out our best – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It’s about being strong enough to bounce back from setbacks, knowing our worth isn’t tied to our failures.

So, let’s start these conversations. It’s not about focusing on one aspect at the expense of others. It’s about nurturing every part of our being for a fulfilling, sustainable entrepreneurial journey.

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