Equipping Kingdom Women to Occupy

The devotional touched on the Israelites' complaining and hoarding in the wilderness, leading to God's wrath. It emphasized not seeking more than what God has given us and knowing our identity in Christ to avoid falling to envy or dissatisfaction. The story highlighted God's power and provision, encouraging trust in His blessings without sorrow. God gradually gives blessings to allow people to grow into them and handle the weight of blessings without sorrow. He advises expanding knowledge to gain wisdom and skill, which benefits not only oneself but also others and the kingdom. Effort is required to master skills, but there's a divine element at play too. The speaker shares a personal story about overcoming dyslexia with God's help. The speaker shares their journey of overcoming dyslexia to achieve academic success by allowing God to renew their mind. They emphasize the importance of seeking God's wisdom to transform knowledge into skill and blessings. They urge relying on God's strength to expand one's capacity for growth and prosperity.

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