Equipping Kingdom Women to Occupy

It struck me in the middle of a deep talk today—this revelation about our divine gifting. We often confound our careers, the jobs we hustle through day in and day out, with our true calling. But here’s the kicker: our jobs, our careers, our entrepreneurial ventures—they’re just the cars we drive on our journey. They’re not the destination.

So, what’s this destination I’m hinting at? Your divine gift. That’s the legacy you’re here to build, not just a business that keeps the lights on.

In a heart-to-heart with someone today, I peeled back the layers of their professional life. They thought their talent was in building businesses, handling finances, and the whole entrepreneurship shebang. But that’s not it. Their real gift? Establishing people and building legacies. Whether they step into a room, a project, or a company, their instinct isn’t just to spot what’s lacking but to set up systems to lay down roots so deep that growth isn’t just possible; it’s inevitable. And not just any growth—growth that sustains, scales, and leaves a lasting mark.

Now, I’m turning to you. Ever wondered what your thing is? That one thing you bring to every table, regardless of the job title you hold? Take a moment. Look back at your life—the jobs, the projects, even your roles in community or church work. There’s a common thread there, woven by your hand.

It might be the way you make people feel at home, or your knack for pushing others to the next level, or perhaps you’re the one who brings order to chaos. That’s your secret sauce.

Take Joseph from the Bible as an example. His gift wasn’t just interpreting dreams—it was about bringing order, multiplying resources, and preserving wealth. Whether as a cherished son, a trustworthy servant in Potiphar’s house, or a prisoner, he used this gift to bring structure and prosperity, eventually rising to save Egypt from famine.

That’s the crux of it—your gift is your divine tool. It’s not about the industry or the economy or even the specific role. It’s about what you’re innately driven to do to manifest God’s kingdom on earth.

So, I urge you to take that time to reflect. Dig deep into your experiences and identify that unique gift. Because no matter where life takes you, no matter how the vehicles change, your mission remains steadfast. You’re here to establish, to build, to scale—to create a legacy that echoes your divine purpose.

Remember, the vehicle is transient, but your mission, powered by your divine gift, is eternal.

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